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Information About Dr. Hochman’s Techniques

What is an SOT Chiropractor?
(Sacro Occipital Technique)

  • ‡The SOT practitioner determines the cause of your problems and
    corrects it using very specific, sophisticated and accurate testing
  • ‡SOT doctors integrate very large amounts of information before
    diagnosing your problems, using several different techniques and
    approaches simultaneously, as SOT integrates easily and
    seamlessly with other chiropractic systems.
  • ‡ SOT patients are routinely given guidance regarding home care,
    diet, and nutritional supplementation. Patients seeing SOT
    practitioners quickly realize they are in the best hands in
  • ‡ SOT doctors understand your problems and use a systematic and
    comprehensive approach to chiropractic care. In a nutshell,
  • SOT practitioners are thinking chiropractors willing and able to
    deliver quality care.

What is a Thompson Chiropractor?
(Thompson Terminal Point Technique)

  • The Thompson practitioner uses low force and very high velocity adjustments that are extremely safe on even the most sensitive patients. ‡
  • The Thompson practitioner uses a highly specialized segmented drop table which quickly lowers the section of the patient’s body corresponding with the spinal region being adjusted, enabling the doctor to use much less force than is traditional in chiropractic. ‡
  • The Thompson practitioner uses leg length checks, palpation, X-rays and other appropriate tests in determining where to adjust. ‡
  • The Thompson practitioner is highly methodical in his approaching the diagnosis and correction of spinal and extremity problems.

What is an Activator Chiropractor
(Activator Methods)

  • The Activator chiropractor uses a small, hand-held mechanical instrument that delivers a very controlled thrust to the articulations of the spine or extremity joints, in order to normalize joint and muscle function. ‡
  • The Activator chiropractor is painless, effective and swift. This technique not only can be used at the spine, but is quite effective on the extremities and other joints, making it an ideal technique for the athlete or the physically active individual. ‡
  • The Activator chiropractor is safe! Activator is considered among the safest Chiropractic techniques, and if employed properly, can be used without apprehension on children and infants, and elderly patients.

What is Craniopathy

  • Craniopathy is the name given to a variety of approaches in chiropractic and osteopathy that are based on a recognition of the importance of cranial dynamics relative to normal functioning of the nervous system ‡
  • Craniopathy was developed by several practitioners in osteopathy and chiropractic, starting with Willard Carver, D.C. (1909), William Sutherland, D.O., and Nephi Cottam D.C. ‡
  • The trained craniopath can feel the slight motion of the cranial bones which, according to the latest medical research, really does exist. He/she can then apply a variety of procedures designed to restore pliability and movement to the cranium. ‡
  • Craniopathy realizes that cranial treatment may affect spinal mechanics, the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid, brain function and the function of the entire nervous system.